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Young football athletes of all levels can receive high-quality instruction from fundamentals to essential skills through the robust programming by Rise Football. With this new and innovative training academy, the progression of young athletes is placed at the forefront of all programming. Through a comprehensive curriculum, including on-field instruction, film study, homework assignments, quizzes, mental skills training, speed and strength training, and academic support, we emphasize using the game as a tool to teach life skills to better promote well-rounded athletes. We use our diverse playing and coaching experience to support the development of better, more established teams by partnering with youth and high school organizations and creating a tighter knit football family, where we are all learning from each other to strengthen the football community.

We have surrounded our program with strong leaders that are committed to inspiring young athletes and fostering the development of more connected communities. If football is the ultimate team, then RISE is the ultimate team company. We all work together to provide an atmosphere, where your athlete will thrive and learn that greatness is attainable and contagious.